A 3 step approach to dynamic, fun and innovative personal training workouts, all from our base in Southwell, North Nottinghamshire


Using the concept of Isaac Newton’s Second Law of Motion: Force = Mass X Acceleration, Tom manipulates different parts of the equation to create a unique style of workout involving the big compound movements – an effective way to build strength across all the major muscle groups whilst making sure you’re staying flexible and mobile.


Breaking down the body into individual parts, the physiological step involves targeting key areas where you’d like to see improvement and creating a tailored workout routine to achieve results. This step focuses on making sure you see proportional muscle and strength progression around your whole body.


To quote the Roman philosopher Seneca: “The mind must be given relaxation—it will rise improved and sharper after a good break. Constant work on the anvil will fracture the force of the mind.” Tom always keeps his workouts upbeat and fun, so you leave in a more positive headspace than when you arrived. He also firmly believes that life is supposed to be enjoyed, so you won’t be judged for the odd chocolate overindulgence or a night out with your mates – resting and relaxation is key.


Sessions can be tailored to all ages and capabilities. Tom uses the RPE scale to ensure the level of intensity is suitable for your ability, and he will keep a close track of your progress. Tom will never set a target that you can’t reach. Start your Be Life Fit journey today! Train 1:1 with Tom, or share the cost and bring a friend along for a 2:1 personal training workout at our base in Southwell.

An intense workout involving high levels of energy broken up with short resting periods for a great fat burning exercise option.

A workout designed to boost an athlete’s speed, power and performance in their specific sport or discipline.

A technical workout designed to improve strength and endurance.

A tailored workout created to help you lose, gain or maintain weight/muscle depending on your individual goals.

A safe and effective exercise routine for pre/postnatal clients.

A specially tailored workout for senior clients designed to improve overall health, strength and mobility.